Here’s an article that appeared in this week’s local paper:

19 Nov 2014 Redcliffe & Bayside Herald

Jamie-Leigh Mason                 


THE Hutchinson name has been synonymous with the legal profession on the Peninsula for 40 years.

Gary and Dan Hutchinson will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers.

What all started when John Hutchinson bought a law firm from Leon Scarfe in November 1974 is now one of the Peninsula’s longest running family owned and operated businesses, Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers.

After a few changes in the office address – always in Redcliffe though – the law firm is now a key part of the legal precinct on the top floor of Bluewater Square Shopping Centre.

The name also changed a few times, most significantly when John and Gary Hutchinson merged with then neighbour Barry Cooke in 1984.

Although Cooke died just after the merge, the Hutchinson family kept the name for the past 30 years.

“I think the name Cooke and Hutchinson will survive,” Gary Hutchinson said.
Dan, Gary’s son, joined the firm in 2001 and became a partner in 2009.

“Dan, I see him being here for the long haul,” Gary Hutchinson said.

He also believes there are a few keys to success 40 years on and it is not all about making money.

“Supporting your local community is really important,” he said.

“You have to be fair and honest with all your assessments with clients and be prepared to give some pro bono advice, which we do.”

It is a mantra passed through the generations just like the passion for law.

“It is the most rewarding job. Whatever it is, it is the most anxious and stressful time in someone’s life and when you get a result for them it is very fulfilling,” Dan Hutchinson said.