How long since you had your Will looked at?  Do you know if it would be considered a Will if put to the test?

We work all our life to ensure we own homes, put food on the table and look after our families.  We spend money on clothes, cars, going out and holidays.  We want to give the ones we love everything we can, but what we often forget or maybe think we will not be there so what does it matter, is what happens when we are gone.  

You may have done a Will years ago when you first started your family, you may not have one at all.  You think I’ll get to it later, but later turns into years and as life continues on you forget.  You only remember when something happens, but then it could be too late.  You cannot ensure that things are left the way you would like them to be.

We just received a Judgment on a case we have been working on since September 2017, yes that is right nearly three years it has taken to determine which Will is the valid Will of a deceased one made in 1979 or one the deceased instructed a solicitor on a few days before he passed away.

Click here to read the Judgment delivered on 10 June 2020, it may be 30 pages but definitely worth the read and if you do not have a Will or have not reviewed yours recently we would suggest contacting a solicitor now to make sure you and your family is protected.