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Estate Administration

Our team regularly provides professional administration services to executors and administrators to ensure the administration is carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation including:

  • Assistance with locating last will and obtaining death certificate
  • Advising executors and beneficiaries on their rights and obligations
  • Applying for grants of administration, including probate applications, letters of administration and limited grants
  • Advice on superannuation and its effect on the estate (including an executor’s duties)
  • Advice on ways which costs can be limited in administering the estate
  • Attend to transmission of the deceased’s property having regard to the terms of the will
  • Notification to the relevant government authorities of the death of the deceased person
  • Collect assets payable to the estate
  • Pay liabilities owed by the estate from estate funds collected
  • Preparation of estate accounts
  • Make a final estate distribution
  • Filing of caveats
  • Administering insolvent estates
  • Advising on and administering complex estates
  • Locating and advising beneficiaries of their entitlements
  • Administering testamentary trusts
  • Applications to the court for directions during the administration when the court’s supervision or guidance might be required
  • Applications to the court to remove executors who are neglecting their duties or are otherwise in breach of their duties
  • Advise of the possibility of claims against the estate

For more information read our Factsheet on Legal Advice to the Executor of a Deceased Estate