In 1995, just as Dan was heading off to begin his high school career at Nudgee College, one of Australia’s most loved sports, Rugby League, found itself at the centre of a bitter dispute that would split the fanbase, players and clubs, cracking the game to its foundations.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp had begun offering overly inflated contracts to star players in a bid to lure them to a rival competition. This started a bidding war where the prize was the signatures of the highest profile players but at stake was the soul of a sport. This was an event from which the game has yet to fully recover.

This was also the year that saw:

– Redcliffe City Council calls for expressions of interest for the construction and design of a new Redcliffe Jetty, while the Department of Transport calls for boats to be banned from mooring on the Jetty due to safety concerns

– State Government gives the Wallum Project (now known as the Redcliffe Botanical Gardens) to the Redcliffe City Council

– WWII Remembrance Plaque unveiled in Anzac Place

– The inaugural Kitefest is held on the Redcliffe waterfront

– A momentous year in domestic politics sees John Howard become Federal Opposition Leader, Bob Carr become Premier of NSW AND Wayne Goss’ incumbent government reduced to a one seat majority in QLD

– Qantas is privatised

– Telecom Australia becomes Telstra

– Pay TV arrives in Australia with Foxtel and Optus Vision competing in metropolitan areas and Galaxy and Austar regionally

– The Russian space station Mir welcomes its first US shuttle

– France begins a program of nuclear testing in the Pacific to widespread condemnation

– Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by a right wing fanatic

– OJ Simpson is found Not Guilty in his wife’s murder trial

– Steve Fossett becomes the first person to travel the Pacific Ocean in a balloon

The Usual Suspects, Casino, Heat, Seven, Braveheart, Toy Story and the Australian classic Babe are released

Births: Nick Kyrgios (27 April)
Deaths: Howard Cosell (23 April), Ginger Rogers (25 April), Terry Southern (29 October), Andrew Olle (12 December)