The world was rocked by what happened in New York on September 11. No one could have thought possible the events that unfolded, and any sense of isolation from terror that we may have had disappeared overnight. We were now living in a new reality, one that would become shatteringly clear to all Australians just over 12 months later.

In the midst of this turmoil Dan was making some big decisions about his future. After being a bit short on cash, Dan took on some part time work in the family business. This was only ever meant to be a stop gap measure until he worked out what he was going to do. The last thing he expected was to fall under the spell of the law. But that’s exactly what happened. So, having completed one year of his business degree, he made the decision to combine it with a degree in law. And so the first major stone was set on his path to the partnership of Cooke & Hutchinson.

2001 also saw:

– Redcliffe Museum at 75 Anzac Ave opens its doors to the public

– Despite scandals involving his deputy Premier and other high profile MP’s breaching the Electoral Act, Peter Beattie is elected for a 2nd term in office in QLD

– Norwegian freight vessel the MV Tampa is refused entry to Australian waters. On board are 438 predominantly Afghani refugees. The ensuing standoff creates a diplomatic dispute between Norway and Australia and the wider issue of asylum seekers becomes one of the hot button topics of Australian politics for years to come

– Under major financial distress, Ansett Australia, the nation’s second largest airline, goes into administration, with around 15,000 redundancies and 10’s of thousands of passengers stranded

– Sheila Laxon becomes the first female trainer to win the Melbourne Cup, after her horse Ethereal wins the great race

– The recently merged Brisbane Lions AFL team win the Premiership. Coach Leigh Matthews and captain Michael Voss are immediately enshrined as club legends

– The Socceroos lose the second leg of their playoff against Uruguay 3-0, missing out on selection for the 2002 World Cup, to be played in South Korea and Japan

– Rugby League legend Allan Langer answers an SOS call from QLD coach Wayne Bennett to return from London to play a one off game for his state. Despite the predictable ridicule from South of the border, it proves to be another Bennett masterstroke with the man they call “Alfie” playing a crucial and prominent role in QLD’s series winning 40-14 victory over a typically complacent and arrogant NSW Blues

– Pat Rafter is defeated by long suffering Wimbledon bridesmaid Goran Ivanisevic in an epic five set final at the All England Club. It is the first final to be played on a Monday, due to rain delays

– Russell Crowe wins the Best Actor Oscar for his role as Maximus in the blockbuster Gladiator

– Slobodan Milosevic is presented to the Hague to await his trial for War Crimes

– In a massive boost to the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the Irish Republican Army announces that they will begin dismantling their weapons arsenal

– The United States is attacked by terrorists on their own soil, when hijackers send two passenger jet airliners into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York and into the Pentagon in Washington. A fourth jet, believed to be headed for the White House, crashes in a rural field in Pennsylvania after a passenger revolt. 2,996 people lose their lives

– In a medical research lab in Virginia, human embryos are created to harvest stem cells. The move generates tremendous controversy in both the medical industry and wider society. Stem cells show promising signs of being able to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease as well as spinal cord injuries

Moulin Rouge, Ali, AI: Artificial Intelligence, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Mulholland Drive and Australian classic Lantana are released

Deaths: Donald Bradman (25 February), Anthony Quinn (3 June), John Lee Hooker (21 June), Jack Lemmon (27 June), Christopher Skase (5 August), Pauline Kael (3 September)