Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday should provide a welcome boost of confidence to Queensland business owners and entrepreneurs, according to Cooke and Hutchinson Lawyers Legal Practice Director Daniel Hutchinson.

The ABS data showed that there was an increase of 4.9 per cent in trend dwelling approvals and an increase of 0.5 per cent in retail turnover for the month of November 2013.

“When you couple these new ABS figures with an acceleration of consumer spending in the months leading up to November 2013, you get an indication of how bright the outlook is for Queensland business and growth for this coming year,” said Mr Hutchinson.

“I congratulate the State Government on the action they have taken in this vital area of Queensland’s economy.”

Acting Treasurer and Minister for Trade John McVeigh confirmed again the Newman Government’s determination to push ahead with economic reform despite the challenges.

“Good economic policy is delivering growth for Queensland, however the state’s finances are still being constrained by Labor’s $80 billion black cloud of debt.

“Our considered course of action will ensure the best value for Queensland taxpayers, securing financial independence into the future.”

Mr Hutchinson said he was looking forward to seeing what the future would bring.

“I concur with the acting Treasurer that their policies have our State on the right track. I feel confident that Queensland is once again on the cusp of exciting times and I would encourage all business owners and entrepreneurs to invest in the many opportunities our wonderful State has to offer.”