Having tied the not in the previous year, and not the types to sit idly, it didn’t take long for the newlyweds to grow the fold. Gary and Irma’s firstborn, a son they named Daniel, arrived in September. It was a fun time for the family, with plenty of trips to the great outdoors helping to keep the active youngster occupied. In what was such a new and enjoyable time, one might wonder whether anyone, including the proud new parents, could have predicted that some 20 odd years later their bouncing baby boy would look to become part of the practice his father and uncle had started just a few years before.

1982 also saw:

– The Redcliffe Community Centre opens in Down St;

– The Peninsula Private Hospital opens in George St in December;

– The Probus Club of Redcliffe begins 31 March;

-The historic Cloudland Ballroom in Bowen Hills is demolished overnight, changing the way Queenslanders appreciate their heritage;

– The Commonwealth Games are held in Brisbane, the largest sporting event ever held in Queensland. Australia top the Gold Medal tally;

– The Tasmanian Wilderness Society stages a blockade of the Franklin Dam site, on the same day that UNESCO lists the Tasmanian Wild Rivers as a World Heritage Site;

– Queen Elizabeth II opens the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra;

– The Australian Kangaroos Rugby League team complete their tour of Great Britain and France undefeated for the first time;

– British forces overcome Argentinean resistance in the Falkland Islands War;

– Princess Grace of Monaco dies in a car accident along the surrounding mountain roads;

– Dr Barney B Clark becomes the first human recipient of a permanent artificial heart during a procedure at the University of Utah Medical Centre in Salt Lake City;

– Italy defeats W. Germany in the World Cup Football final 3-1;

– Michael Jackson’s Thriller is released, becoming the biggest selling album in history;

– Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s List and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple are released;

E.T., Blade Runner, Ghandi, Tootsie, Fanny & Alexander, Fitzcarraldo, The Thing, Diner and The Year of Living Dangerously are released;

Births:      Abbie Cornish (7 August), Damian Istria (24 August), Ian Thorpe (13 October)

Deaths:    John Belushi (5 March), Leonid Brezhnev (10 November), Ingrid Bergman (29 August)