As much as everyone wanted to settle down and adapt to the new offices, 1980 continued at breakneck pace for Hutchinson & Company. John and Gary had now established themselves as legal professionals of great repute, and the work continued to flow.

However, both men realised the importance of a work/life balance. John and his wife (and office manager) Ann had their hands full with 3 young girls (soon to become 4). And Gary had decided to pop the big question to a lovely Canadian lady by the name of Irma who had very much taken his fancy the year before. This was a time of great growth, both personally and professionally, for the Hutchinson gents.

1980 also saw:

– The new Redcliffe Hospital is opened by Sir William Knox;

– The Redcliffe Golf Course is purchased by the Redcliffe Golf Club from the Royal Queensland Golf Club in April for $340,000;

– Australia’s first Test tube baby (Candice Reed) is born in Melbourne;

– Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is re-elected with a halved majority, while Joh Bjelke-Peterson’s Qld State Government is also re-elected;

– Azaria Chamberlain disappears from Uluru camp site;

– The first State of Origin game is played at Lang Park with Queensland emerging victorious , Channel 9’s Sale of the Century launches, SBS commences transmission in Sydney and Melbourne;

US breaks diplomatic ties with Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis;

– Ronald Reagan elected president in a landslide for the US Republicans;

– Voyager I reaches Saturn and returns data on its moons and rings;

Raging Bull, The Shining, Dressed to Kill, The Empire Strikes Back, Ordinary People and The Elephant Man are released;

Births:                   Kylie Wheeler (17 January), Grant Hackett (9 May), Craig Mottram (18 June);

Deaths:                Jesse Owens (March 31), Alfred Hitchcock (29 April), John McEwan (20 November), Mae West (22 November), John Lennon (8 December)