With Gary now firmly entrenched in the practice, it was time to lay it in concrete and move the practice forward. So, on Thursday 23rd February, John and Gary went into official partnership of Hutchinson & Company. There was still a name and address change or two to come, but John and Gary had just cemented a partnership that would lay a foundation for four decades of legal excellence.

The other major events of the year included:

– The Redcliffe Leagues Club move their headquarters to Dolphin Oval;

– The first canal in Newport waterways is filled with water in December;

– Anzac Ave is widened from four lanes between the waterfront and the Rothwell roundabout;

– Australian Ken Warby sets world water speed record of 510km/h at Blowering Dam on 8 October;

– 21 November is the last day of commercial whaling in this country;

– US Senate approves the Panama Canal neutrality treaty, vowing to turn over the canal to Panama by 2000;

– Israeli Premier Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat receive Nobel Peace Prize after agreeing to and signing the “Framework for Peace” at Camp David;

– Sony releases the world’s first portable stereo, the Walkman; and

The Deer Hunter, Midnight Express, Heaven Can Wait, Coming Home and Interiors are released.

Births: Louise Brown (the world’s first test tube baby, 25 July), Harry Kewell (22 September)

Deaths:  Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister Robert Menzies (14 May), Norman Rockwell (8 November), Johnny O’Keefe (6 October).