1976 continued much the same as the previous year. Our stocky go getter was making great strides in establishing himself and his practice within the local community. While always a difficult and lengthy process, John would be buoyed that year by the landmark decision to end mining on Fraser Island.

This case had been argued in front of the High Court some time earlier with John having played a major role in advising counsel arguing against the validity of the mining leases on the island. It was a decision that had been a long time coming, but one that was all the more satisfying for it.

Some of the other notable events of 1976 were:

– Cyclone David causes significant damage to the Redcliffe Jetty in January;
– Neville Wran becomes NSW premier on 1 May;

– Edward (Weary) Dunlop named Australian of the year;

– Cigarette and tobacco advertising banned on tv and radio from 1 September;

– The Sullivans begins on Australian television in November;
– Israeli commandos attack Entebbe Airport in Uganda, freeing 103 hostages being held by pro-Palestinian hijackers;

– Pol Pot becomes Prime Minister of Cambodia;

– Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams (pictured top left) receive the Nobel Peace prize for their work creating Peace People Organisation, a group combing Catholics and Protestants who sought to end sectarian violence in Northern Ireland; and

– Rocky, Taxi Driver, Network and All the President’s Men are released;

Births: Amy Gillett (9 January – died 2005), Kasey Chambers (4 June)

Deaths: Agatha Christie (12 January, pictured top right), Howard Hughes (5 April)