Queensland Law Society has greeted with delight the Federal Government’s announcement of savings measures to allow extra funding to federal court operations – saying it was a great opportunity for the appointment to two desperately needed judges in Queensland.

Society president Bill Potts said the recent appointment of a Family Court judge in Queensland was a positive step, but two more were needed immediately to cope with the court’s overwhelming workload.

“It was pleasing to hear the federal Attorney-General commit to reinvesting the savings in the courts,” Mr Potts said.

“Queensland is in dire need of two more Family Court judges and three Federal Circuit Court judges – these measures will free up the funds needed for that.

“The Society looks forward to the announcement of these desperately needed appointments as soon as possible; with many litigants waiting years for decisions on their Family Court and Federal Circuit Court matters, the new judges can’t come quickly enough.”

Mr Potts comments’ follow the Federal Government’s announcement that 2015-16 Budget measures would create efficiencies which would enable the courts to redirect more of their available funds away from administrative functions toward the delivery of frontline services and justice to the Australian community.

“Attorney-General George Brandis has made a laudable commitment to increasing the delivery of frontline services and justice to the Australian community; the best way to increase the delivery of justice is to increase the numbers of those who deliver it,” Mr Potts said.

“The Society will continue to advocate for more judges in Queensland.”