Co-ownership Disputes

Part 2: Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common?To fully appreciate the various issues that could befall Bob and Carol on the one hand and Ted and Alice on the other, it is necessary to have some appreciation of the terms “Joint Tenants” and “Tenants in Common”.Whenever real estate is held by more than one […]

Property Owner Disputes that could well have been avoided: Part 1

Part 1 – ScenarioA retired couple, Bob and Carol, had owned their modest two bedroom home at Redcliffe for 15 years. It had been built in the 60’s and was in a state of disrepair as Bob was now 68 years of age and no longer able to maintain it as he had once […]

Signing a lease? Get proper advice first!

Trevor and Lorraine had decided to open their own travel agency in a shopping centre in Redcliffe. They had both had extensive experience in that type of business as employees and were excited at the prospect of establishing their own business.The premises had become vacant after another business had closed down. After contacting the […]

The Perils Associated with Purchasing a Business

Ted and Jan had worked hard all their lives. They had raised three children, all of who were now independent and living their own lives. They had substantial equity in their home on the Redcliffe Peninsula where they had lived the whole of their married lives. They had each spent their entire working lives […]

Is an Enduring Power of Attorney Essential?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is one of the most powerful documents you will ever sign in your life time. The document allows the person making it, known as the Principal to appoint another to act on their behalf in relation to their financial affairs and their personal/health matter. Whilst there are […]