Cooke & Hutchinson lawyers welcomes the recent announcement by The Honourable Dr Bruce Flegg that the Department of Housing and Public Works will attend to a “targeted review” of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

Ideally all legislation should be reviewed from time to time” said Gary Hutchinson, Senior Legal Practice Director of Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers. “A legislative regime should be current, workable and ensure that it does not have unintended consequences”.

Any review that reduces the red tape for tenants, landlords, agents, park managers and accommodation providers will be well received” Mr Hutchinson said.

Any person or industry group that would like assistance to make a submission in relation to the way in which the Act can be improved upon is invited to contact Cooke & Hutchinson by calling 1800 000 993 or sending an email to