In March of this year, Cooke and Hutchinson Lawyers joined together with Gleeson Klein Lawyers and Parker Family Law to create the Bluewater Legal Precinct. This revolutionary initiative, whereby the three firms, while remaining separate entities, have come together in the one premises has been an outstanding success for our firms and our clients. The simple yet effective referral system between the firms means that you are able to come to the onle place for virtually any legal need you may have. We’d love for you to come down and say hello!

In the meantime, this is the speech that was given by Chief Justice De Jersey at our official opening in March.

Official opening of the Bluewater Legal Precinct
Bluewater Square, Level 1, 20 Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe
Wednesday 27 March 2013, 7pm

The Hon Paul de Jersey AC
Chief Justice

“I am particularly pleased as Chief Justice to be able to support smaller firms, and firms practising outside Brisbane Central. It is a “natural fit” that I be here, in that context, and as someone who grew up in country Queensland, at least over some years.

As to the metropolis, this is a big State, and practitioners should be encouraged to raise their shingles in the very many non-metropolitan centres which should be serviced, and I can see every reason for that to occur here in this very attractive part of the State, as reflected by the evocative “Bluewater” name for the precinct.

“Supporting regional practitioners was largely behind my opposition to the national legal profession reform initiative of the federal government, which has recently failed – its cost would I believe have borne on the financial viability of regional practices.

As to the role of “smaller firms”, there is no doubt that many clients will prefer entering into and being advised in premises like these, by contrast with the architectural behemoths of Eagle Street. These are superbly presented rooms, not over the top, and reassuring and welcoming.

Additionally, I applaud your level of service in allying the three firms, Cooke & Hutchinson, Parker Family Law and Gleeson Klein Lawyers in the one precinct.

One hopes a client would not need commercial, family and conveyancing help all at once –but maybe they will, and I suppose that would not infrequently be a feature of some contemporary marriage breakups.

In any event, the availability of all these services together, at the same identifiable location, provides a really desirable public service. We talk of “one stop shop” services, and it has been achieved with courts in the US for example, but not here, and in the Queensland profession at least, this may be a first.

I warmly congratulate the three firms on this initiative, and wish them well.

And noting that a room bears my family name, I can only hope that is not discouraging to those with an unremittingly Australian bent. It is a name with Gallic pretensions, but I think I can say that those Queensland de Jerseys who currently parade under these colours are not only tried and true Australians, but also – and I am sorry to say things which are obvious, very proud Queenslanders.

The naming of these rooms – Keane, Callinan and Lindenmeyer, reflects the basis of our legal professionalism, which depends for its legitimacy on its relation to the Court, which admits and as necessary controls.

I am deeply impressed by the firm’s wish to associate themselves so expressly with the courts in this way.

I am pleased now formally to open, the “Bluewater Legal Precinct”.