On Wednesday 18 June, Cooke and Hutchinson Managing Director Dan Hutchinson attended the Red Cross Community Wills Day at the Nan Fleming Centre, Redcliffe.

The day involves local solicitors donating their time to help people prepare a simple will. The added benefit of these events is that it allows people to consider leaving a gift in their will to the Red Cross and, or, any other cause or institution close to their heart.

“Leaving gifts in one’s Will is something that many people like to do and I absolutely commend them on it,” said Mr Hutchinson.

“Many charitable organisations and causes depend almost totally on the good will of others to survive and it is always heartening when someone, who may not have that much to give in the first place, finds a way to give something to a worthwhile and important beneficiary.”

“The Red Cross is a bastion of assistance and good will for those who need it the most. Cooke & Hutchinson is always proud to be able to help the Red Cross in whatever way we can. I encourage everyone who is able to support this great institution whenever and however they may be able.”

Visit the Red Cross website here