The article in today's Courier Mail on page 28 in the “Your Money – David & Libby Koch” section was reasonably accurate and gave some much needed press to an issue that we are seeing on at least a weekly basis…disputes relating to the terms of a deceased persons Will. The article is informative, simple and uncontroversial with one notable exception.

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The second last paragraph the article states:

Whatever the basis for challenge, the first step is to always consult a family lawyer to ensure you take the right legal path”.

A family lawyer, at least the ones we know, specialise in family law matters in which they regularly interpret the Family Law Act and regularly appear in the Family Court of Australia. None of which has anything to do with disputes about the terms of a persons Will.

Disputes about Wills are handled by lawyers like us who accept instructions in relation to Succession Law Matters governed chiefly in Queensland by the Succession Act 1981 (Qld). The relevant legislation varies across the states and each state court adjudicates in relation to disputes about Wills within its borders.

If you have a query about a dispute about the terms of a Will feel free to call one of our friendly team (07) 3284 9433.

Yours Faithfully,

Daniel Hutchinson – Legal Practice Director