I had two very interesting yet different retail experiences in the last fortnight. I thought I would share them because they illustrate my long held view that not all retailers, hospitality outlets and professional service firms are created equal.

I went to store 1 to return some suit pants that were faulty, the pants were examined, there was obviously a fault with them and they were replaced. No hassle, error corrected, no cost to me, brilliant! The sales person then asked me if I had enough shirts to go with the suit he spent some time with me, measured me up, and about 15 minutes later I walked out of the store with two new shirts and two new ties to match the suit and the shirts. The items weren’t cheap, they were quality and so was the service. It was win/win I had two great shirts and ties and the sales person no doubt made the store a profit. I could have purchased similar items online or from another retailer for less.

Today at lunchtime I decided to clear my head and leave the office. I walked past store 2 and decided to go inside and have a look for some casual trousers. I entered the store and walked past two sales people. I tried on two pairs of trousers, I didn’t like either. I left the store 15 minutes later not having spent a cent and without so much as a “hello” never mind service from either of the sales people. The store was cheaper, but is cheaper always better? Would I have got any after sales service from store 2 if there was a problem with the garment?

Why did I pay more at store 1 and feel good about it? Personally I put it down to the aftersales service I received when there was a problem, the time the sales person took to find out what I really wanted (I didn’t know before I walked in there!). Store 1 now has repeat customer and store 2 will be avoided probably by more than just me.

Professional service firms such as lawyers and accountants are not a lot different. They should take the time to find out what you really want and need and then deliver. If you are sick and tired of not being listened to and not getting any service during your matter (or after it) then it might be time for an upgrade; Cheaper is not always better!

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Until next time,

Daniel Hutchinson – Legal Practice Director
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