Commercial Property Obligations-Covid Affected or otherwise

Whilst we have been overwhelmed with information about COVID and its impact on our daily lives, many commercial property owners, their agents and tenants seem oblivious to their legal obligations in the event of a sale, lease or sub-lease of their commercial property.
The seller of a commercial property, which is subject to a lease, […]

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COVID-19 Impact on Commercial and Retail Shop Leases

I know we are all thoroughly over COVID-19 and its devastating impact on small businesses particularly. 
Tenants of retail and commercial premises continue to suffer significant downturns in trade, putting untold financial pressure on their businesses and in many cases denying them sufficient income to pay their Landlords. 
On 28 May 2020 the Queensland Government implemented […]

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Is your agent entitled to commission?

Recently a client asked me about the legal effect of an exclusive agency agreement with their real estate agent.  There have been many cases in this area, usually involving expensive properties (with high commissions) where two real estate agents believe they are entitled to commission.  As you can imagine, the owner of the property […]

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What’s in a name?

This week I received a phone call from a client in a panic – she has been trading under a name for years and has built up considerable goodwill however now a competing business was using that name and taking her business.  The first question I asked her was – “do you have a […]

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How damaging can a guarantee be?

Recently I was reading a news article about a con-woman in New Zealand who managed to swindle $1.5 million from her partner.  This caught my attention because it was such a large sum of money. How is it possible she was able to con someone out of that much?  The answer – she had […]

Is your text message a contract?

During the past few weeks I have been assisting a client who unintentionally entered into a contract.  This may seem strange but is easy to do if you are not aware of the elements that make a contract binding.
My client was considering purchasing some equipment from a person in the same industry as him.  […]