Happy Birthday Bluewater Legal Precinct!

Thursday March 27 2014 was a momentous occasion for C&H. This date marked the first anniversary of the grand opening of the Bluewater Legal Precinct.

The Precinct was the brainchild of Gary and Daniel Hutchinson (Legal Practice Directors, Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers), Joseph Parker (Legal Practice Director, Parker Family Law) and Mike Klein (Legal Practice Director, Gleeson Klein Lawyers).

The Precinct operates as an effective one stop shop for your legal enquiries whereby the three firms, while remaining separate entities, share our offices premises. In this first year our client’s have seen the benefits of this arrangement as the simple yet effective referral system between our three firms enables us to cater for virtually any legal issue or concern that may affect you.

Messrs Hutchinson, Parker and Klein have been delighted at the success of this venture, both for their respective clients and Practices.

“From our office perspective and the perspective of our clients, having modern offices, interview rooms, access to a boardroom, underground parking and easy access to other businesses and shops…. is a huge step forward from what we had before in terms of premises and facilities,” said Mr Parker.

“I honestly believe that our collective endeavours will lay the groundwork for different ways of doing business and will help change the way law firms interact and co-operate with each other,” enthused Mr Klein.

“The confidence shown in the concept of creating a legal precinct, utilising the skills and reputation of three long term Redcliffe based legal firms, all primarily specialising in different areas….has, from the perspective of Parker Family Law, been a resounding success in our first 12 months,” added Mr Parker.

Gary Hutchinson has been similarly pleased by the reward for the effort put in by all three firms to the success of the Precinct.

“I concur with Joe and Mike completely. This has been a fantastic enterprise to be a part of; not only in terms of the satisfaction of cooperating with two exceptional law firms in Gleeson Klein and Parker Family Law, but most especially for the ability to provide avenues and services to our clients that, perhaps in years past, were not so readily available.”