1993: John Hewson losing the “un-losable” election? No chance.

Sydney hosting the olympics? You’ve got to be kidding!

Shane Warne bowling the Ball of the  Century? Hmmm, sounds about right….

1993 witnessed:

– Redcliffe’s new refuse facility at Duffield Rd opens after the “old dump” at the back of Talobilla Park closes down

– The Settlement Cove complex opens on the Redcliffe foreshore, with its artificial lagoon and playground transforming the area into a vibrant and family friendly parkland

– Coles-Myer announces a $4 billion expansion plan that creates nearly 100,000 new jobs throughout the nation

– The HMAS Collins (SSG 73) becomes the first of the Australian designed and built Collins Class Submarines to be launched

– Juan Antonio Samaranch announces that the International Olymipic Committee has selected Sydney to be the host of the 2000 Olympic Games

– Federal Opposition Leader Dr. John Hewson, seemingly on the brink of a famous election victory, gives an overly complicated and convoluted answer to a simple question from A Current Affair’s host Mike Willesee about how the GST, part of his Fightback! Policy, will affect the price of a birthday cake. This comes to be known as the “birthday cake interview” and, after Hewson goes on to lose the “unloseable” election, many commentators point to it as being a crucial factor in the shock result

– Re-elected Prime Minister Paul Keating immediately indulges in an act of hubris by announcing in his victory speech that the result was “a victory for the true believers.” It was a sound byte that would haunt Keating right up until the next election

– The European Union is formally established after the Maastricht Treaty takes effect

– 72 members of the Branch Davidian religious cult lose their lives after a raid on their compound at Waco, Texas. Their leader, David Koresh, had been issued with an arrest warrant for firearms charges

– Shane Warne bowls the “ball of the century” in his first appearance in Ashes cricket

– The Piano, Schindler’s List, The Age of Innocence, Philadelphia, Jurassic Park and Mrs Doubtfire are released

Deaths: Audrey Hepburn (20 January), Arthur Ashe (6 February), Fred Hollows (10 February), Federico Fellini (31 October), Anthony Burgess (22 November)