1985 was another big year for team Hutchinson with the addition of its newest member, Dan’s younger brother Adam. The previous year’s move into 23 Redcliffe Parade, as well as the merge with Cooke Lyons, had caused quite an upheaval and took considerable effort on behalf of everyone involved to ensure everything went through smoothly. Thanks to all that hard work and effort though, things had now calmed down and the new firm was running smoother than ever.

1985 also saw:

– New Redcliffe Leagues Clubhouse opens while the Redcliffe Rollerdrome is demolished;

– Redcliffe City Choir founded in February;

– After launching on the Seven network in March, Neighbours is cancelled in October. It is then picked and continued by the Ten network.

– Melbourne celebrates its 150th Anniversary;

– Prime Minister Hawke cancels all Australian involvement in the US’ MX missile tests after prolonged pressure from the left wing of the Labor Party;

– NSW becomes the final state to abolish capital punishment in the nation;

– Mikhail Gorbachev becomes leader of the Soviet Union in March and begins the slow process of reform and liberalisation. Gorbachev meets with Reagan in November and agrees to begin arms control talks and renew cultural contacts;

– Terrorism raises its head with separate attacks occurring in Beirut, Athens, Malta and parts of Italy;

– Rock Hudson becomes the first major celebrity to fall victim to the AIDS virus;

– Out of Africa, Ran, Shoah, Witness, Brazil, Prizzi’s Honour, The Color Purple, Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club and The Purple Rose of Cairo are released;

Births:      Libby Lenton (28 January), Leisel Jones (30 August), Casey Stoner (16 October)

Deaths:    Clive Churchill (9 August)