Commercial property investments can be risky business. Make sure that you have all the facts and the right team in your corner.

Buying a Commercial Property
Are you buying as an investment or for a location to operate your business?
Let our team of commercial lawyers help you. Commercial contracts are complicated documents that Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers have been drafting, interpreting and enforcing for over 4 decades. 

Leasing a Commercial Property – 
Are you are a landlord renegotiating a lease? Entering into a new lease with a new tenant? Are you the tenant renegotiating or entering into a new lease?
Our team at Cooke & Hutchinson has the experience to assist you with these matters. 

Whether it is a Retail Shop Lease or a Commercial Lease Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers can share its years of experience with you.

You should be aware that the Retail Shop Leases Act imposes Statutory disclosure obligations on both the Landlord and Tenant. Failure to comply with those obligations may give a party the right to terminate the lease.

Selling a Commercial Property
Are you selling a property?
Whatever the reason for your sale our law firm can make it easy for you. We have assisted people just like you for over 40 years.
Let us take the stress out of selling and make an online enquiry today.