“Super Slug” or Super Con?

News stories recently published in the media dubbed “Super Slug” and “Super Increases slowed under MRRT Deal” misrepresent the facts for most small employers. The increase in the employer compulsory contribution from 9% to 12% represents a significant increase in the cost of employing people to small business. In reality, one of two things […]
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2014: Onwards and Upwards…

This year Cooke & Hutchinson Lawyers continued our push to innovate and expand by opening our brand new second office in North Lakes. Vision had now turned to reality for Gary and Dan after years of planning and hard work. “Our Practice moved into North Lakes Central in January this year and we have […]
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2013: Breaking new ground….

Always looking to break new ground, in 2013 Dan and Gary embarked upon a new concept that flew in the face of the traditional method law firms conducted business. Together with Gleeson Klein Solicitors and Parker Family Law, Cooke & Hutchinson became part of the Bluewater Legal Precinct. The joining of three separate law […]
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