2004: Another year for the record books….

2004 was a big one, for many reasons.After a very quick, fruitful, fulfilling and hugely enjoyable 30  years, John decided that it was time to step back from the day to day partnership duties at the firm he had established, and move on to new challenges. Confident in the knowledge that Gary would continue […]
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2003: Looking for inspiration…

After the horrific tragedies of the previous two years, Australians everywhere had little tolerance left for violence of any kind. Such was this mood throughout the land that tens of thousands of people marched in protest against an impending war in Iraq. Demonstrations of these kind had not been seen here since the Vietnam […]
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2002: The nation’s heart is broken

This was the year that Australia lost its innocence. When 88 Aussies were murdered in a deliberate attack on a tourist hotspot in Bali, it became all too clear that we had become targets in a war that we had nothing to do with starting but had just become tragically involved.2002 also saw:- The […]
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